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What goes through your mind when you approch a new school to be placed on their list of new teachers?
Do your hands get sweaty?
Does your heart race?
Do you feel anxious?
I totally understand and felt the exact same way when I approched a new school.
The good news is, you dont have to feel this way anymore!
I was able to overcome the anxiety, the sweaty hands and the heart racing when it came to walking into a new school.
I have created a resource kit of all the things I have used ,that got me through that.
I could confidently use it in any school and teach any subject. It was this kit that transformed me to become the #1 Relief Teacher at a number of schools.
My name is Nikki Tester and I have walked in your shoes for over 40 years and let me tell you it is a quite a journey you are about to embark on!!

You will be challenged by kids, parents and schools-
you will laugh at the hilarious stories that kids will tell you,
cry when their stories touch you, and importantly you will become a vital part of their lives.
It is the most rewarding and wonderful job, but one that you need to be supremely prepared for.

Lets do it!!!!

Do you feel overwhelmed when a class talks over the top of you and just won't listen?!!

Then this is the course of your dreams!!

Custom made .......to boost your confidence and most of all, allow you to enjoy every day that you spend on class, and establish a working balance that suits your lifestyle.

By the end of this course you will have an amazing resume that is bound to impress.

Your teaching bag of tricks will be overflowing with ideas, and you will be the envy of other teachers around you!!

You will be so flexible and adaptable that any school will know that you are reliable and up for the job!!!

Build relationships with students, other teachers, staff and school community members . You will look forward to joining your colleagues in the staffroom and becoming a vital part of any school community.
There is no other feeling like it!! You will be the brightness in someone's day whenever you are in any school.
With the wealth of knowledge, information, downloads and resources in this course you will be ready to start on your journey as a THE #1 Professional Relief Teacher
be able to choose the schools that you want to work in.
Relief Teaching is an amazing career choice, it enables you to spend time with your family, to work when you choose to, not take the job home with you every day.


Nikki Tester

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